Best Portable Folding Workbench

Look no further if you are searching for a folding workbench that will fit into your busy DIY and working schedule.

Here, we are going to tell you what the best folding workbenches are in the UK, all of which you can find on

Whether you already have the rest of your DIY kit sorted, or you are starting from scratch, you will find your perfect match with our top five list.

To begin, you will find a list of the top five folding workbenches that are available in the UK. The order of this list will be based on categories that we have chosen that we think a folding workbench should consider.

In-depth descriptions will follow after the initial list, so that you can get an even clearer idea of the differences in the products. To make the comparisons even more straight forward, there will also be a list of pros and cons after each product description.

The Buyers’ Guide will make up the second half, providing you with information on which products do the best in each category.

In a hurry?

Bosch PWB 600 Work Bench

Our rating:

Since you are probably already in a hurry, we know that DIY products can’t wait for you to do the research, we are going to tell you the top folding workbench and outline the basics of it here.

The number one folding workbench in the UK is the Bosch PWB 600 Work Bench.

Here are some quick points that make it the top of our list:

  • The most stylish looking of the five.
  • Can hold up to 200kg of material weight.
  • Bamboo boards can be used as an additional clamp.
  • Aluminium frame means it is sturdy and light to transport.
  • Quick-folding mechanism.


Best Folding Workbench UK – Reviews

Our Pick

Our rating:

The top spot on our list is taken by the Bosch PWB 600 Workbench. This workbench is not only easy on the eye, it is also packed with practical features.

You can rest assured that you will be working safely with this workbench, because the clamping system will fix your material in place whilst you are working on it. The folding mechanism of this workbench means that it takes only seconds to set up this workbench in your desired area, it is totally portable which is ideal for any DIYer.

The aluminium frame means that the weight of the overall workbench is 11.6kg, making it easy to transport to and from your van, or even to and from your storage area. This Bosch workbench can support up to 200kg of weight from your work.

The two pieces of waterproof bamboo that make up the surface of the workbench can be altered to act as a clamp for materials up to 85mm in width. There are also four additional clamping dogs that allow you to even further secure your work, even if it is a round or angled piece.

The folded workbench is easy to transport tucked under your arm, making this workbench very versatile.

  • Aluminium frame makes this workbench sturdy and light at 11.6kg.
  • Includes four clamping dogs so you can secure round work too.
  • The two waterproof bamboo boards can be used as an additional clamp.
  • Maximum load capacity is 200kg.
  • Some buyers report that the clamping dogs don’t fit in some of the holes made for them.

Stanley FatMax Folding Workbench Express

Our rating:

At number two on our list for the best folding workbenches is the Stanley FatMax. This workbench is perfect for a professional tradesman because of the portability and the surface area of the worktable, which is 85cm by 60cm.

This folding workbench is suitable for sawing, drilling, gluing, precision woodworking and even more detailed jobs like spray painting and fixing materials together.

This workbench is compatible with many different vertical and horizontal clamps since the workbench itself has dog bench holes and some x-shaped grooves that allow you to clamp wood, metal and plastic to the bench at many different angles.

The Stanley FatMax Express Folding Workbench is incredibly portable because of its quick collapsing feature, this also means it can set up in seconds ready for the next job.

The workbench can hold up to 455kg of material due to its durable metal legs, meaning you don’t have to worry about a weak folding workbench when you are on a job.

  • Quick collapsing for ease of use and transport.
  • Can support up to 455kg of material thanks to sturdy metal legs.
  • Strong handles for carrying the folded workbench.
  • This workbench does not come with any clamps included.

WORX WX051 Pegasus Multifunction Work Table

Our rating:


Third in our top five is the Pegasus Multifunction Work Table from WORX. This folding workbench comes with two additional bar clamps that are ideal for holding materials still vertically for when you are sawing, painting and sanding.

These clamps can be placed anywhere around the edge of the surface, but also be used in the two metal support slots of the table for added security. Like the other tables, the WORX Pegasus also included four clamp dogs that can be placed in the dog holes for added support of round materials.

This workbench is lightweight but still sturdy. The surface measures at 78.7cm by 63.5cm, so you have a reasonable area to work with on your projects.

The workbench can support up to 136kg, so it is on the lower end of the list when it comes to support, but this is still enough for first time DIYers, and even for professionals on medium to smaller jobs.

  • Easily foldable and becomes a width of 12.7cm so is easy to store.
  • The metal slots allow you to slide the bar clamps along for more secure working.
  • The workbench has an added storage shelf towards the bottom for easy access to your tools and extra materials.
  • With a weight capacity of 136kg, this workbench supports less than the others on our top five list.

Black+Decker WM626-XJ Dual Height Workbench

Our rating:


The next workbench on the list is the Dual Height one from Black+Decker. This workbench has a more industrial appearance than the others on the list with its black durable steel frame that provides a place for you to put your foot. The two wooden panels that make up the workbench surface can be used to clamp your work.

The workbench itself can support material up to a weight of 250kg. This workbench folds away flat for easy storage, you can carry it to your van or just store it away out of sight when you are done with a project.

The Black+Decker Dual Height Workbench can be adjusted by height, hence the name.

You can change the working height (the height at which the surface reaches) from 775mm to 595mm, so the workbench is even more versatile and customisable to your project needs.

  • The steel frame legs are tipped with rubber shoes to keep the workbench secure and reduce slipping.
  • Includes four clamp dogs for materials that aren’t necessarily straight.
  • A place that you can perch your foot on whilst working.
  • Supports up to 250kg.
  • Height of the work surface is adjustable.
  • The surface area of the workbench top is smaller than the others on this list.

Wolfcraft 6177000 Master 200 Folding Workbench

Our rating:

Next on the list is a folding workbench from Wolfcraft. This workbench allows for a working height of 80cm.

The surface that you would be working on is a durable MDF plate that has a tool ledge integrated into the shape, so your tools will always be at hand when you need them mid-project.

The surface area of the table top is 64.5com by 30cm, so is a rectangular shape. Four plastic vice jaws are included with the folding workbench to help you to secure your material when working on it.

Aesthetically, the Wolfcraft Master 200 Folding Workbench has silver legs and a dark work surface with angles and grids printed on to help you with measurements at a moment’s notice.

  • Only weighs 12kg, so it is easily transportable and easy to carry.
  • Can support 180kg, making this perfect for a variety of quick jobs.
  • Quick-folding mechanism activated with the blue levers.
  • Some buyers reported having to tighten screws regularly to keep the workbench sturdy.

Best Folding Workbench UK – Buyers Guide

Now that we have laid out the top five above, you should have a general idea of each product in terms of description.

Below is the buyers’ guide which will help you to understand even further what could be important in a folding workbench. We have compiled all of the categories that we think are important to finding the perfect folding workbench for your projects.

Read on to get a better idea of the jargon and details of each workbench in our top five. 

Weight Capacity 

When looking for a folding workbench, you will probably be needing it for some heavy-duty DIY work. For this reason, you should consider the weight capacity of the workbench you choose, based on what kind of projects and work you will be working on.

The best workbench on our list in terms of weight capacity is the Stanley FatMax Folding Workbench Express with a 455kg support capacity. This Workbench is second overall on our list for other reasons, but if the weight capacity is important to you, maybe the Stanley Fatmax is one that you should consider.

But if your DIY projects won’t be that heavy, you might want to look at the other workbenches on our list for features that do interest you. 

Additional Pieces

Most of the workbenches on our list come with clamp dogs that add extra support for your material. The only workbench on the list to come with two bar clamps is the WORX Pegasus Work Table, these are ideal for even more security when cutting or sanding.

They are also great for slotting into the metal runners that allow you to clamp a larger area of your work for more versatility. The WORX also comes with a lower shelf that folds out as the rest of the table does, this is ideal for storage of extra material and tools for easy access. 

Surface Type 

There are two types of workbench in this list: they have different work surfaces. Both the Stanley FatMax and the WORX Pegasus have completely flat work surfaces with no gap, but the Bosch, Black+Decker and the Wolfcraft all have a work surface made up of two wooden panels.

These panels can be adjusted by distance apart to act as another form of clamp on the workbench. This is ideal for a quick clamp that will aid you in sanding and cutting, and any other task that you would need your material to be clamped still for.

This ability to change the positioning of the two panels makes the workbench more customisable and more flexible when it comes to the size of your work surface. 

Final Thoughts 

So, you’ve seen what we think are the top five folding workbenches. The Bosch is the number one on our list because of a combination of its aesthetics and practicality. The folding mechanism only takes seconds to work, making this workbench quick and easy to set up and put away when you are done with your current project for the day.

The Bosch also has bamboo panels for its work surface that are durable and age well over time and use. Although it is beaten by the Stanley FatMax on weight capacity, the Bosch still wins thanks to its sturdy frame and legs, and its compatibility with most types of clamps.

Now that you know what we think about folding workbenches, hopefully you can make your own decision about which workbench you will buy based on our research and findings.



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