What’s The Best Electric Chainsaw in the UK Market? Our Reviews

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Buying a chainsaw that fits your needs can be a headache. For one, the aesthetics may be similar although their functions are widely varied. Not all chainsaws are created equal, and for this reason, you have to be extremely discerning when picking one. Compared to gas chainsaws, electric chainsaws are lighter and easier to use and most appropriate from home yard use. Electric chainsaws can either be corded or battery powered. Each has its strengths and weaknesses but should be enough for homeowners to use for felling small trees, cutting logs of firewood and other DIY projects. Most electric chainsaws are quiet, don’t exhale fumes and don’t require much maintenance.

Our selection of the best electric chainsaws available in the UK market!

  1. Ryobi RCS2340 Chainsaw, 2300 W

  2. Einhell GH-EC 1835 1800 W Tool Less Electric Chainsaw with 35 cm Oregon Bar

  3. BLACK+DECKER CS2040-GB Chainsaw Corded, 2000 W, 40 cm

  4. Makita UC4041A/2 Electric Chainsaw, 240 V, 40 cm

  5. Bosch AKE 40 Electric Chainsaw, 40 cm Bar Length


1 - Ryobi RCS2340 Chainsaw, 2300 W

Ryobi RCS2340 Chainsaw, 2300 W
Ryobi RCS2340 Chainsaw, 2300 W

The Ryobi RCS2340 Chainsaw delivers impressive performance considering its price point and the fact that it’s powered by electricity. Its 2300W motor has enough torque to power the blades for precise cuts and even power through hardwood trees. Designed with the domestic user in mind Ryobi designed a chainsaw that measures 800 cm, reaches speeds of 14m/s and easy to handle at all angles ensuring the best cutting experience. This model is fitted with an Oregon bar and chain to match. These are made of high-quality material designed with claws to hold firmly onto the wood being cut. It also features self-sharpening mechanism than ensures you won’t have to worry about the blades when working on large logs. For safety, the chainsaw comes with a trigger that guarantees dormancy when not in use. Mechanical and electric brakes are also included to stop the chainsaw when necessary. For easier working, Ryobi created a debris deflector that collects the debris together for easier collection afterwards. The Ryobi features automatic lubrication for seamless movements in addition to the 2-year warranty offered by the company.

2 - Einhell GH-EC 1835 1800 W Tool Less Electric Chainsaw with 35 cm Oregon Bar

Einhell GH-EC 1835 1800 W Tool Less Electric Chainsaw with 35 cm Oregon Bar
A Feature-Packed Chainsaw

The 1835 w Einhell GH-EC 1835 was built for coping with tough branches and garden hedges in the backyard. This handy and efficient tool is also a capable helper for thinning scrub and cutting of small trees. The Einhell GH-EC 1835 has an OREGON chain that ensures maximum cutting efficiency. Unlike many other chainsaws in the market, this particular model has an effortless tensioning feature that allows the handler to adjust the tension on the chain without using any tools. The robust metal gearing on the chainsaw ensures that power transmission is optimum and the chainsaw is durable. The saw comes with a subtle yet clever addition of a window that enables the user to peep into the oil tank to check how much lubrication fluid is left. In addition, there is a quick filler opening that allows fast refill of oil should it run out during operations. For safety there is a chain catching bolt should the chain snap off the rail when in use. The instant mechanical chain brake also serves to kick back and protect if the GH-EC 1835 rears up suddenly.

3 - BLACK+DECKER CS2040-GB Chainsaw Corded, 2000 W, 40 cm

BLACK+DECKER CS2040-GB Chainsaw Corded, 2000 W, 40 cm
Power and Finesse Saw

Designed for jobs that last an extended period the BLACK+DECKER CS2040-GB Chainsaw features a rubber rear handles and anti-vibration system that is meant to cushion against the vibration motor and prevent discomfort. Whereas most petroleum chainsaws offer either power or comfortability, the BLACK+DECKER CS2040-GB Chainsaw Corded manages to deliver both. Inside this chainsaw has a 2000 W motor that spins at 12.5 meters per second. This is important when cutting large logs, but more importantly, this model has a quick stop feature once it is switched off. Top features of the CS2040-GB include:


  • Tool-free tensioning allowing easy adjustment chain fitting.
  • Efficient oil system: Large oil tank with a viewing window to reduce spillage during refills
  • Cut capacity: The chainsaw features a 40-cm cutting width to handle the big jobs.
  • An auto oil system that lubricates the chain while in use for elongated and greater cutting efficiency.
  • The machine has a chain brake system that automatically cuts out power when the chainsaw kickbacks.
  • For speedy and smooth cutting the machine has a low kickback chain that enables it to cut through wet and dry timber easily.
4 - Makita UC4041A/2 Electric Chainsaw, 240 V, 40 cm

Makita UC4041A/2 Electric Chainsaw, 240 V, 40 cm
A Super Lightweight Saw

Known for manufacturing products of exceptional quality Makita delivers again with the UC4041A/2 Electric Chainsaw. Makita chainsaws are preferred and loved by DIY enthusiasts due to their power, safety, and beautiful design. Featuring an 1800 watt motor this model is no exception as it cost through the largest logs with ease. The UC4041A/2 Electric Chainsaw has an automatic chain oil pump lubricator that enables the user to get more hours when working. The machine has a safety feature where a dangerous kickback is prevented using a mechanical chain brake system. The Makita chainsaw has high grossing sales largely due to its lightweight design and a powerful motor that enables the user to work long hours without serious fatigue. Other useful features include:


  • A spike clasps that allows steady control while in use.
  • Twist insulation technology on the flat electric motor.
  • The machine has an auto oil break and an oil level display.
5 - Bosch AKE 40 Electric Chainsaw, 40 cm Bar Length

Bosch AKE 40 Electric Chainsaw, 40 cm Bar Length
User-Friendly but Mean on Wood

One of the most powerful electric chainsaw in the Bosch AKE bloodline the 40-19 sports a 1900-watt motor spinning at 12 meters per second. The chrome chain and speedy cut give this chainsaw the efficiency of a petroleum chainsaw without being noisy and lot less heavy. The Bosch AKE blade is 40cm allowing you to reach and work through large logs of wood. Like all other electric chainsaws in this list, you can adjust the tension on the chain without the use of any tools. A non-lubricated machine can be quite expensive to maintain, but the AKE takes care of this using its self-lubricating technique. All chainsaws need appropriate safety mechanisms and the Bosch AKE 40 Electric Chainsaw has mechanical and kick back brakes to ensure that you are in control of the machine when working at all times. The mechanical brakes stop instantly when you hit an object and could come in handy when working on tough jobs. Kickbacks in this chainsaw stop the saw in less than 1 second which is less than what you can say for the majority of electric chainsaws in the market. What’s more, it sports an ergonomic design that ensures lasting projects don’t leave you worn out.

Buyers Guide

Electric Chainsaw

When looking to acquire a new electric chainsaw an important aspect to look for include safety, which is arguably the most important of all followed by power, cost, maintenance and accessory support.


Chainsaws are extremely dangerous equipment, and it’s important that manufacturers protect their clients but adding safety features. Kickbacks are the main source of injuries, and most models possess a safety chain to prevent such incidences. The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) statistics hold that more than 60,000 people are treated annually due to chainsaw injuries. Though electric chainsaws are less powerful when compared to their gas counterparts a fatal mishap while using them is rare. However, getting an electric chainsaw with mechanical or electric brakes is crucial if you want to stay safe.

Chainsaws are pretty heavy machinery and working for extended periods the weight and vibrations do get the better of you. Antivibration systems reduce to a large extent this fatigue, and you should consider a model that has these safety features when shopping for your next electric chainsaw.

Ease of Use

A chainsaw that is easy to control is good. You want a lightweight chainsaw that won’t put the user at the pressure of bearing the weight and also having to make precision cuts. The user-friendliness of the chainsaw also covers the ease of adding and checking the lubricant. Since it’s a machine that will often be used by family members including the elderly at home. It important that it is easy to handle and manoeuvre.


For starters, electric chainsaws are less costly compared to their gas counterparts. Furthermore, their parts and accessories are less costly than gas chainsaw parts. Being electrical in itself is economical since there’s no fuel in use. Storage of gas chainsaws also pile up the dollars since storage of the oil is another issue altogether. Electrical chainsaws though less powerful provide a suitable enough alternative should the price be a significant factor for you. Last but not least, although there are a variety of inexpensive electrical chainsaws in the market, not all will suit your needs. Shop for a reasonably priced chainsaw and has all the features that you deem essential for your use.

Noise and Vibrations

All chainsaws produce noise, and if you live in a populated neighbourhood, you’d want one that emits the least noise. Electrical chainsaws generally produce less noise compared to gas chainsaws. These are usually the best option if you want to cause the least disruption and commotion in a residential area. Electrical units are also known to have lesser vibrations than gas saws. Along the same line, vibrations cause working to be uncomfortable and quickly tiring when working for long periods of time. Manufactures accommodate for this inefficiency by putting rubber padding on the handles and around the chainsaws, look for models with such features you think you will be using your saw for lengthy periods.

Purpose and Performance

Depending on the project you have to work on you’d want a chainsaw that will comfortably work for you. Factors that you will have to consider under this category is the cutting speed, usually measured in meters per second and measured by the time it takes to cut through a ten-square beam of oak. Alongside the cutting speed, you will also need to consider the weight and ampere rating of the electric chainsaw. While gasoline chainsaws are the ideal powerhouse when looking to cut at high speeds, some electric chainsaws do the job just fine. Whether you need a saw for small backyard project or large engineering projects take these aspects into thought.

Parts and Maintenance

After buying your chainsaw, you want it to serve you for as many years as possible. This is where storage, cleaning, and routine replacements come into play. For the machine to operate at its optimum best all the time, there are routine procedures to be carried out after every project is completed. For the case of the electric chainsaw, it is less cumbersome since there is not storage of gasoline. A chainsaw that provides a storage case, and is easy to take apart and clean is obviously better. Strive to find these when looking to buy an electric chainsaw on the market. Adjusting, replacing and tensioning the chain is a routine practice that you will do very many times with your chainsaw. A chainsaw that offers the option of doing these without any tools is better and is most preferred.


What is the warranty on this electric chainsaw?

Though it varies from one model to another. Most of the electric chainsaws come with a 2-year warranty. Check your instruction manual to find out.

Do all chainsaws come with a storage case?

Though most electric saws have cases, you could get a proprietary case for the few that don’t ship with storage cases.

Which is better corded or cordless saws?

It depends on your use of the saw. While Corded saws are more powerful cordless offer more manoeuvrability when working on your projects.

Which material can this saw cut through?

Electric chainsaws can cut through a variety of materials including, plastic, wood, trees even metal. To sure visit the company’s website or read the manual.

What length is the cable?

The cords for chainsaws vary in length some come in 10 feet others more. To find the exact cable length check out online reviews before you make your purchase.

Top Brands

Though the five chainsaws mention above are the best in the market. Here are an additional ten honourable mentions that didn’t make it into our top 5 but still offer an exceptional performance:

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