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If you are considering DIYing a home renovation any time soon, you might be in the market for tools that can aid you in cutting tiles.

If you want to tile anything from your kitchen floor to your bathroom shower wall, there is a very high chance that you will need to cut your chosen tiles to size. In order to do this effectively and with a professional finish, you might want to look for an electric tile cutter.

Look no further than this article in you are in the market for one, and we will help you pick the perfect one for you.

To begin, we will go through our top five list of electric tile cutters, all of which you can find on this list will be expanded into some more detailed descriptions and pros and cons of each of the products so that you can compare the five with each other.

Then there will be some frequently asked questions that we have compiled some answers to so that you don’t need to do any extra research for the questions you may have when reading this.

And lastly, there is a buyers’ guide, where we will give our best insights into some of the necessary categories.

In a hurry?

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If you are in a rush, however, you may just want to know what we think the best electric tile cutter is.

So, here is a very quick outline of what we think is the top of the list and our reasons why.

In at our number one is the Vitrex 103402 Diamond Blade Tile Cutting Saw:

  • It is multipurpose and can be used on a variety of different tile materials.
  • The diamond cutting edge means the blade will last longer and has a better edge for continuous cutting


Best Electric Tile Cutter – Reviews

Our Pick

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The number one best electric tile cutter is the Vitrex 103402. This compact and practical tile cutter has a hi-torque geared motor that offers a greater cutting performance when it comes to cutting your tiles.

The diamond cutting blade that is included has a continuous edge that allows for a cleaner cut when combine with the Vitrex Cutting Saw. The mitre guide on the tile cutter is fully adjustable so you can customise the cut of your tiles further.

The surface table can extend to double the size for larger tiles that you might be cutting. The water recirculation system means that when you are performing wet cuts, there is no messy pooling of water. The Vitrex uses a 110mm blade. 

  • Water recirculation system avoids mess that could distract you when making wet cuts.
  • The table space extends for larger tiles, making this a versatile tile cutter.
  • The splash guard is quick release so is perfect for plunge cuts.
  • The table surface is made from plastic, so may not be as durable as other products.

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Second in the list is the Einhell TH-TC. This tile cutter is a vibrant red colour that complements the silver steelwork surface attached.

The unique part about this tile cutter is the water-cooling system that keeps the blade and material cool when you are performing prolonged DIY tasks. Because of this, you do not need to worry about your blade overheating.

The diamond-tipped blade comes included with the machine, so you can start cutting your tiles as soon as the cutter arrives. The size of this cutter is 330mm by 360mm, and it has a cutting speed of 3000rpm.

You can count on a straight cut with this electric tile cutter thanks to the parallel guide stop that comes into action when cutting and can be adjusted along the steel work surface.

You can also tip the work surface to a 45-degree angle for an easy and quick change of angle when cutting your tile.

  • Steel work surface means it is more durable than other plastic ones.
  • The adjustable parallel guide stop ensures a straight edge when cutting your tiles.
  • The water-cooling system reduces the risk of your blade overheating mid-cut.
  • A little bit of self-assembly is required when the product is received.

Plasplugs Pro Tiler XL Portable Electric Tile Cutter

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Third on the list is Plasplugs’ Pro Tiler. This plain black and bright yellow plastic tile cutter has a ‘no stall’ motor that is hi-torque, just like the first on our list.

The Plasplugs Tile Cutter allows you to get a 45-degree mitre as well as a 22.5-degree angle, for the perfect precision angle cut that will work well for your DIY tile project.

The tile cutter comes with a 180mm diamond blade that has a continuous, uninterrupted blade edge for a smooth cut.

The cutting speed of this electric tile cutter is 3000rpm, the same as the Einhell.

  • The two choices of angle mitre to cut at make this a versatile tool.
  • A Diamond blade is included with the cutter.
  • Cutting heavier and larger tiles on this can cause the machine to move.

FERM Power Tile Cutter

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Next up is the tile cutter from FERM. This electric tile cutter comes with a diamond blade included which is cooled by the cutter so that it won’t overheat when you are cutting tiles for your DIY projects.

The angle of the work surface can be tilted from 0-degrees to 45-degrees, making it easier for you to get those tough angled edges on your tiles. The work surface, where the tiles lie when you cut them, is chrome plated, so is more durable than some of the plastic surfaces that other electric tile cutters have.

This chrome-plated surface has an adjustable parallel guide attached to it so that you can achieve a perfectly straight edge on your tiles. 

  • A chrome-plated work surface means that this product will wear better over time than if it had a plastic one.
  • The adjustability of this electric tile cutter means it can be customised to the perfect angle to cut your desired tile.
  • The product arrives in parts and you need to assemble it.

Voche 450W Electric Wet Diamond Blade Tile Cutter

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Lastly, we have the Voche Electric Wet Diamond Blade Tile Cutter. It has a water reservoir that cools the blade as you are working.

This also cleans the blade of dust to avoid any mess whilst you are working. you can use this electric tile cutter with both wet and dry cutting blades, making this machine cater to your every tile cutting need.

The cutting speed of this tile cutter is 2950rpm, making it slower than the Plasplugs and the Einhell.

  • The water reservoir cleans and cools the blade as it touches the water.
  • The angle mitre adjustment can go from flat to 45-degrees with a simple dial.
  • Some buyers have reported that the assembly instructions are not completely clear.

Best Electric Tile Cutter – Buyers Guide

Since each of these electric tile cutters on our top five list is from a different manufacturer, we know that it can be difficult to pick the best fit for you. For that reason, along with the pros and cons, and the FAQs, we have put together a buyers’ guide.

In this buyers’ guide we have sectioned off some of the important categories and features to think about when it comes to electric tile cutters. 

Cutting Speed

This depends fully on the type of motor that the tile cutter has. Both the Einhell and the Plasplugs have a cutting speed of up to 3000rpm, making them the fastest of the five. This faster cutting speed can reduce the time it takes to cut your tile, making your DIY project run even smoother.

The Voche tile cutter, the last on our list, has a cutting speed of 2950rpm, only 50rpm slower than the other two mentioned, so this could still be a viable option for you if speed is not one of your priorities. 

Adjustable Options

All of these electric tile cutters on our top five list come with a parallel level guide that allows you to achieve a straight edge when guiding the tile along to cut it. They are all fully adjustable. But the Vitrex, at the top of our list, has the added measurement of an attached arm.

This arm can be angled to be parallel with the original parallel guide, or to form an angle with it, allowing you to perfectly align your tile before cutting.

The Vitrex also has an extendable work surface that can be pulled out to reveal a larger surface for your bigger tiles to rest on when cutting them. This eliminates the fear of your tiles being unbalanced when you are trying to cut them.

Durability of Work Surface

The durability of the work surface on your tile cutter will heavily depend on the material it is made from. The Vitrex has a plastic work surface that some may find a little easier to wear down. Machines like the Einhell and the FERM have metal surfaces where the tile rests.

The FERM’s is even chrome-plated for extra durability. But since the blade is not actually touching the work surface where the tile will be fed through, being plastic should not make a significant difference. In this case, your choice might be based on the aesthetics of the metal versus the plastic. 

Best Electric Tile Cutter FAQ’s

Here are some frequently asked questions we have compiled for you to have a look at. You may have some questions about electric tile cutters after reading through our top five list, so this might help!

Do you need a wet saw to cut porcelain?

You don’t necessarily need a wet saw to cut porcelain tile, or any tile other than glass for that matter. But using a wet saw can reduce the risk of cutting. All of the electric tile cutters in our top five list have water reservoirs that the blade spins through in order to keep it cool and to clean all of the dust off.

Most of them are compatible with both wet and dry blades, so you can be sure that your blades won’t be affected by the water-cooling system.

Which way should my tile face when I am cutting it?

This is determined by the type of electric tile cutter. All five of the products on our list have the blade protruding up from the work surface, and so the tile is recommended to be cut face down, so that the blade is first contacting the part of the tile that will be seen when it is laid.

If you decide to purchase any of the five electric tile cutters on this list, you should follow this guideline.  

Can you cut any type of tile with electric tile cutters?

In theory, you can definitely cut any tile with an electric tile cutter. The only limitations would be the size of the machine itself compared to the size of the tiles that you are cutting, and the blade that you are using to cut.

The Vitrex, the tile cutter in our number one spot, has an adjustable work surface, meaning you can vary the tile size according to your job. The only thing you need to consider when cutting different types of tile is the blade that you are using.

Certain blades are specifically designed for different material. Glass tiles, for example, will need a wet cutting blade that is specially made for them to avoid cracking and chipping. Most electric tile cutters will be compatible with most types of tile cutting blade.

Final Thoughts

After taking into account all of the categories in the buyers’ guide, we came to the conclusion that the Vitrex takes the win for the best electric tile cutter. This is mainly due to its adjustability; from the additional parallel guide to the mitre angle, and even the extendable work surface, the Vitrex is a versatile machine.

Because of that, we can recommend it to both professionals and new DIYers. It will make cutting your floor and wall tiles a lot easier thanks to all of the adjustable features and the cooling water reservoir. 



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