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5 Best Stud Wall Finders 2023

Stud Finder Device

There’s nothing worse than cracking on with some DIY only to discover you’ve accidentally smashed through a crucial stud wall. If you go barrelling into a load-bearing wall unknowingly, the entire room could give way! Plus, if you are going…

How Do You Get Sandpaper To Stay On A Sander?

How Do You Get Sandpaper To Stay On A Sander

After you have been using your sander for a while, you are likely to start to notice your sandpaper flying off. This does not mean that your sander is broken, but it does mean that some maintenance is due.  Sandpaper…

5 Best Floor Tile Adhesives

Best Floor Tile Adhesive

If you are trying to update your kitchen or bathroom with some new floor tiles, you will probably need some floor tile adhesive to securely stick your tiles down before grouting. Here, we have compiled together a list of our…

5 Best Mouse Detail Sanders

Mouse Detail Sanders

Mouse sanders are well known for their small size and ability to get into nooks and crannies. These small tools are mostly used for finishing and fine furniture work. Sometimes the number of options for buyers can turn into an…